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Onam Special Floral Decoration & Inner Meaning

Pookalam in front of Amma's room

Key Points

  • On Onam day, a special floral decoration was created in front of Amma’s room with the theme “FREE US FROM BONDAGE — LEAD US TO LOVE & LIGHT.” This decoration symbolizes three key teachings of Amma, emphasizing the importance of letting go of attachments, recognizing our interconnectedness, and spreading love and light in the world.
  • The concept behind the decoration revolves around breaking free from worldly attachments and achieving liberation through constant meditation, selfless devotion, and surrender to Guru and God. It highlights the significance of self-knowledge, divine grace, and the protection offered by the Guru (represented by Amma) in navigating the challenges of the materialistic world.
  • Various symbols, such as chains (representing attachments), the ocean (symbolizing materialism), Hanuman (depicting devotion and surrender), rocks (signifying karma with God in mind), and more, are used to convey these spiritual concepts. The decoration also includes white flowers for world peace and divine grace, emphasizing the importance of collective prayers and spreading love and light to heal the world.
1 September 2020
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A special floral decoration was created on the Onam day in front of Amma’s room with the theme “FREE US FROM BONDAGE — LEAD US TO LOVE & LIGHT”

This rangoli symbolizes three main teachings of Amma

  • “Real love arises only when all attachments to individuals, objects and personal interests drop away.”
  • “We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love.”
  • “If we can light the lamp of faith and love in our hearts and walk forward together, then we definitely can dispel the darkness that we see around and bring about a change in society.”


We are all attracted by the power of Maya (worldly pleasures) and bound to the samsara (world)through our ego, desires, attachments, karmas, and vasanas (tendencies). To break free from Samsara, we must spend every moment of life in constant meditation ( the footsteps, and Ma Om, represents meditation with every step), every action performed in God’s name as an instrument in God’s hand( Sri. Hanuman building the Rama Sethu with the divine name of Lord Rama – represented by bricks with Lord Rama’s name), selfless devotion and complete surrender to the #Guru and #God (Sri #Hanuman is the symbol of utter and selfless devotion and complete surrender to his #Master and god – Sri Rama).

If we develop a meditative mind and perform every action with divine remembrance and surrender attitude, self-knowledge will dawn (represented by lotus). The light of self-knowledge (represented by Sun) pervades the entire world. Thus we shall attain the ultimate freedom. The Guru is protecting the entire universe (represented by #Amma embracing the whole universe). Amma represents the supreme in whom the whole universe abides and all our efforts can bear fruit only by Amma’s love, protection, and #grace. Amma’s HUG – Human Union with God, cuts all our attachments and bondage and pulls and binds us towards Her with Her rope of motherly love. Only by the divine grace and will of the Sadguru, we can cross the ocean of samsara, free from bondages, towards ultimate liberation.

The external circle indicates Amma’s #Love and #Light concept. Once we gain freedom from bondage, we will be able to shed light and radiate love all around. We are all interconnected, strung like the beads in the thread of Amma’s love (represented by beads). Let us all take the time to focus attention on pure, loving thoughts for all living beings and nature which is healing for the world.

White flowers prayers (Inner circle) is for world #peace and divine grace. As Amma says, “When practiced by many, whether together or apart, as each one lights their own candle, let the darkness of ignorance be dispelled forever; may peace and #happiness prevail.” Together we pray that the white flowers showered on the earth will spread peace and #heal the world of the pandemic soon.

As Amma says “Even though the sun is far away, the lotus flowers still bloom in its effulgence. In true love, there is no distance.” This #Onam we pray that may Amma’s divine rays of love bloom the wilting hearts of all Her darling children around the world who pine to be in Her physical presence.

Key Symbols:

  • WORLD MAP: It represents the world
  • CHAIN: The chain represents attachment and bondage in the world. The breakage of chains represents breaking the bondages in this samsara world.
  • OCEAN: Represents the ocean of samsara (materialistic world)
  • HANUMAN: Symbol of utter and selfless devotion and complete surrender to his Master and God – Sri Rama
  • ROCKS: It represents karma performed with the thought of God, where you consider yourself as an instrument in God’s hand
  • BRIDGE: Represents Rama Sethu, a path to reach God
  • LOTUS: Represents dawn of Self-knowledge
  • SUN: Represents vitality and life-giving energy. It sheds light on the whole world.
  • FOOTSTEP: “Ma Om” at the footstep conveys the message ‘Live every moment in a meditative manner.’
  • HEART: Represents spreading love to the whole world
  • LAMP & LIGHT: Represents spreading light to the world
  • BEADS – We are all interconnected, strung like the beads in the thread of Amma’s love
  • AMMA: Amma is embracing the whole world. Amma is our path to ultimate freedom, freeing us from all bondages.
  • AMMA’s HUG – Human Union with God. AMMA cuts all our attachments and bondages and pulls and binds us towards Her with Her rope of motherly love.
  • WHITE FLOWERS: Amma’s white flower meditation for spreading peace in the world.

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