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Meeting Amma and being in her presence was the most emotional moment of my life – Sharada


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28 February 2020
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Renowned actress Sharada received Amma’s Darshan at the Annual Brahmasthanam Temple festival at Chennai on January 30. The 74 year old is a three-time National Award winning Indian actress popular in Malayalam & Telugu film industry.

“Getting a chance like this is beyond anything I ever dreamed. Having had Amma’s darshan, I’m overflowing. In Malayalam people use to call me “Duhkha Putri”–the “Daughter of Sorrow”–because all the characters I played were always crying. But today it is tears of joy that are falling from my eyes. I’m unable to control myself. I have a basic memory of meeting Amma 30 years before, but the opportunity I received today is something I will never forget as long as I live. How many people living today on this earth have been blessed to meet Amma! This is the real blessing. Amma gave me that blessing today. Thank you, for everything.”

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