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Italian documentary about Amma debuts in US and Germany

Swami Dayamritananda Puri accepts the ManguTV Award for Conscious Documentary Filmmaking.

Key Points

  • “Amma’s Way: A Journey to Embrace the World Again” made its North American debut during the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona, with over 500 attendees at the screening.
  • The documentary received the ManguTV Award for Conscious Documentary Filmmaking, which included a $2500 cash prize for its strong story arc, compelling subjects, and high impact potential.
  • The film explores the humanitarian, spiritual, and educational work of Amma through interviews and depicts her remarkable initiatives to provide healthcare, education, shelter, and relief support to those in need. It aims to inspire both Amma’s existing followers and those who are discovering her for the first time.
19 November 2022
Main topic

The film kicked off the Illuminate Film Festival in Arizona and won a prestigious award 

Amma’s Way: A Journey to Embrace the World Again” made its North American debut on opening night at the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona. More than 500 people attended the screening at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.  

The documentary also won the ManguTV Award for Conscious Documentary Filmmaking. ManguTV’s $2500 cash prize was awarded to Amma’s Way since it exhibited the strongest story arc, most compelling subjects, and the highest impact potential. ManguTV invests in the distribution and completion of paradigm-challenging and consciousness-expanding visual content. 

The 90-minute film portrays Amma and her humanitarian, societal, spiritual and educational work through the words of her disciples and devotees. From life in her Ashram in Kerala to a series of interviews, Amma’s greatness is revealed in a new light.  

Anna Agnelli, the film’s director, aimed to present the astonishing humanitarian initiatives that Amma has created in parallel with her blessing in the form of a hug to millions of people worldwide. She was inspired by how Amma has served and continues to serve the world in a multitude of ways including projects to provide people in need with healthcare, education, shelter and housing, and relief support after natural disasters. 

Following the screening, a Q&A session took place with Swami Dayamritananda Puri, Executive Director, MA Centers, North America. Several people asked questions about Amma, as it was their first time hearing about her. And then came the query everyone had in their mind: “When will Amma come back to North America?” 

About the event, Swamiji said: “It was well attended by people from all over the US and North America. Some people even traveled from other states to Sedona, Arizona to see the movie, as this was the North American premiere. They were immensely grateful to the organisers.” 

The film festival was organised by the Illuminate Film Festival Team, with Danette Wolpert being the Executive Director. She expressed she felt so fortunate to have Amma’s Way premiere at the gathering and expressed her gratitude to Ms Agnelli for sending the movie to the Illuminate Festival. 

Amma’s Way has also premiered in Munich, Germany. The event was organised by Amma in München and attended by Swami Shubamritananda Puri, Executive Director, MA Centres, Europe. Ms Agnelli was able to participate via webcast, and an engaging audience discussion about Amma’s inspiration for people around the world followed the viewing.  

As the global pandemic ends, Amma’s Way comes as a breeze of fresh air for both those who already know, love, and miss Amma, and those who will discover her through this remarkable film. 

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