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Inspiring students at a university in Kenya

Shubamrita in Kenya
Swami Shubhamritananda Puri spoke to students in Kenya, sharing his personal experience

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13 November 2022
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Swami Shubamritananda Puri visited Lukenya University in Mtito Andei, Kenya and gave a public talk to all students on how to embrace their dreams and reach greater heights in life. He shared five points:  

  • Dare to dream  
  • Prepare the dream  
  • Live the dream  
  • Repair the dream  
  • Share the dream  

Most of the students were highly motivated, especially as Swamiji’s address was also filled with personal anecdotes and humour. The Board of Trustees Chair, Hon Sylvia Kasanga; the Vice Chancellor, Prof Constatine M. Nyamboga; and the entire community of Lukenya University were grateful to Swamiji for his visit and also showed him inspiring humility, simplicity, and hospitality.


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