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Huge turnout at Amrita SREE meeting at Kozhikode

Woman addresses crowd
All AmritaSREE members who attended the event received working capital, clothing and aid

Key Points

  • The Amrita SREE meeting took place in Kozhikode and featured discussions on various topics, including the importance of women’s empowerment and water conservation. Distribution of working capital, benefits and clothing to Amrita SREE members was part of the event.
  • The event was inaugurated by the prominent writer P Valsala and had notable guests and speakers, including CPM leader T K Hamsa, KPCC general secretary N Subramanian, BJP State Vice-President K P Sreesan, Mathrubhumi Managing Editor P V Chandran, actress Vidhubala, and Badminton star Diju Valiyaveetil.
  • Various leaders and speakers at the event commended Amrita SREE as a prime example of social empowerment and a testament to the care and compassion shown by Amma in uplifting the downtrodden. They praised Amrita SREE for its significant impact on women’s empowerment and its contributions to social work and projects.

March 24, Sunday

Prominent writer P Valsala opined that Amma’s life is a model for each and every woman in this country. She was speaking after inaugurating the Amrita SREE conclave organised at the Puthiyappa Sree Bhagavathy Temple.

She also stressed the need to equip the younger generation towards water conservation. Mata Amritanandamayi Math Kozhikode chief Swami Vivekamrita Chaitanya, who delivered the benedictory address, spoke on the power of spiritual benevolence being showered by Amma.

CPM leader and former Minister T K Hamsa, KPCC general secretary N Subramanian, BJP State Vice-President K P Sreesan, Mathrubhumi Managing Editor P V Chandran, Actress Vidhubala, Arjuna Award winner and Badminton star Diju Valiyaveetil were the guests of honour during the occasion.

Mathrubhumi Managing Editor PV Chandran said that the Mata Amritanandamayi Math has undertaken a variety of social initiatives which even the governments found hard to implement. At the time natural calamities struck the state, MAM played a proactive role in providing immediate help to the victims, he added.

CPM leader T K Hamsa said that Amrita SREE has transformed itself into the biggest example of women empowerment one can see in the State and the power behind this resounding success story is the blessings of Amritanandamayi.

BJP leader K P Sreesan said that Amrita SREE has evolved itself into a mega initiative for social work and projects undertaken by it has become an ideal example for social empowerment.

Congress leader N Subramanian said that Amrita SREE is an example of care and compassion being shown by Amma in the upliftment of the downtrodden.

The distribution of working capital and other benefits to the members of the Amrita SREE was done by the guests of honour. Senior citizen N Janardhanan was honoured on the occasion. Amrita SREE Chief Coordinator R Ranganathan welcomed the gathering and cluster coordinator T Manjusha proposed the vote of thanks.

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