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Five displaced families receive new homes

Families stand in front of white 2-story house
Families in front of their newly built four-unit building.

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30 August 2015
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Food, Water & Shelter
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Disaster Relief Humanitarian

One of the largest landslides in Uttarakhashi, India was caused by flooding of the Mandakini River, a tributary of the great Ganges. Following the disaster, a group of houses in the remote village of Siror, near Uttarkashi, began to slide into the river. Whole houses were destroyed. Since the slide occurred a week after the flood, the destroyed homes were deemed to be a separate incident. As a result, the affected families did not qualify for the same level of governmental aid as other flood survivors. These families were given temporary tin-shed shelters, but no further assistance was scheduled for building the families any permanent homes. This meant that many of the survivors would have kept living in these tiny sheds for years to come.

Man stands in front of a structure made out of tin pieces
One of the recipients, Dharmendra in front of his temporary shelter made of tin before construction of his new home was completed by our volunteers.

Our volunteers found five displaced families living in the temporary shelters on a steep, unstable slope. We began working on a four-unit building and a single-family home to provide permanent housing for the five families.

Built on much more stable land, this unique four-unit building, along with the single-family house were completed in just 5 months.

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