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Epilepsy medical camp for children with other disabilities  

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Neurologists with Amrita Hospital, Kochi treated 50 children.

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26 May 2024
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Amrita Hospital, Kochi organised a free medical camp for epilepsy patients at the Amrita Institute for Differently Abled (AIDA) in the Kochi area. Neurologists with the Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy provided care within the context of the children’s other disabilities.  

The camp meant the 50 patients treated did not have to leave the calm surroundings of AIDA and enter the busy hospital. The doctors especially focused on children with autism and Down syndrome.  

AIDA is a school for children with disabilities that is dedicated to providing education and life skills, as well as expanding their creativity, self-confidence and independence. There are two locations, with one in Kochi and one in Kozhikode. The children are cared for depending upon their capacity.  

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