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Embracing the World on the ground in Nepal

Key Points

  • In response to the Nepal earthquake, Amma’s representatives swiftly distributed essential provisions like rice, wheat, lentils, cooking oil, blankets, jackets, and soap to survivors. The Nepalese army collaborated in managing relief stocks and assessing the specific needs of survivor camps.
  • Due to a shortage of tarpaulins, durable tin sheets are being distributed for building temporary shelters, with future use in permanent housing. To address the medical needs, Amma’s team donated two tons of essential medicines, surgical items, and a significant quantity of Anti-Tetanus Toxoid (ATT) vaccine, marking the largest single donation of tetanus vaccines to Nepal globally.
  • Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala acknowledged and praised Amma’s humanitarian efforts, expressing gratitude for the compassion and aid provided during the crisis. The Prime Minister highlighted the significant impact of Amma’s support in alleviating the burden on the nation.

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Amma sent representatives to deliver immediate relief and evaluate options for longer-term aid.Within days of the disaster we distributed basic provisions including rice, wheat, lentils, cooking oil as well as essentials such as blankets, windbreaker jackets, and soap. The Nepalese army has been instrumental in helping us with maintaining our stocks and tracking what each individual camp of survivors’ needs are.

Gripped by the fear of unstable buildings, people have abandoned their homes and are living in temporary shelters made from whatever supplies they can find. Faced with a dearth of available tarpaulins nationwide, we are distributing high-quality, durable tin sheets to build temporary shelters. These can later be used for roofing of permanent housing for the survivors.

With the compassion and assistance from a great humanitarian like Amma, I feel the burden on my shoulder lessened.”

Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala

In response to a need for medical care, we have donated two tons of essential medicines, surgical items and 100,000 doses of Anti-Tetanus Toxoid (ATT) vaccine. This was the largest single donation of tetanus vaccines to Nepal from any organization worldwide. The vaccine is badly needed not only for the thousands of survivors who are already injured, but also because of the many debris-related injuries expected in the days and months ahead.

On May 15th, our representatives met with Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who reviewed our efforts thus far and requested that we continue our relief work. The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation of Amma’s compassion and lauded our activities during Nepal’s great crisis, adding, “With the compassion and aid from a great humanitarian like Amma, I feel the burden on my shoulders lessened.”

We are currently working in the districts of Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchowk, Kavre Palanchowk and Maadan Kudari Gaon.

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