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Construction blocks from plastic waste: Team Amrita wins Swacch Technology Challenge

Award being given on stage

Key Points

  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham developed an eco-friendly innovation using plastic waste for construction, reducing cement use.
  • The Amrita team won first place in the Swacch Technology Challenge 2021, led by professors Dr. Mini K Madhav and Dr. Jayanarayanan K.
  • The Swachh Technology Challenge promotes waste management entrepreneurship, focusing on social inclusion, zero waste management, plastic waste, and digital transparency. This innovation began in the Live-In Labs program, encouraging students to tackle real-world rural issues.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has created an eco-friendly innovation that uses plastic waste to manufacture bricks and reduces the need for cement in large-scale construction. This university project helps address the issue of climate change from reuse and construction perspectives.

Awarding first place in the Swacch Technology Challenge 2021, Minister of Local Self Government, Shri M.V. Govindan Master of the State of Kerala, presented the Amrita team with a certificate of distinction and a cash award on May 18, 2022.

Amrita School of Engineering professors, Dr. Mini K Madhav and
Dr. Jayanarayanan K, led this prize-winning team that included Mr. Harish Mohan, a research scholar at Amrita. The innovation is an outcome that started off as a Live-In Labs project, a program that allows students to observe first-hand the problems faced in rural communities across India.

The Swachh Technology Challenge aims to unlock the waste management sector’s entrepreneurial potential and foster an enabling environment for business growth. It highlights a beneficial trend on all sides that is rising in India, and this initiative focuses on four areas: social inclusion, zero waste in solid waste management, plastic waste management, and transparency facilitated by digital enablement.

Live-in-Labs® is our multidisciplinary learning program that breaks classroom and lab barriers by applying learned theory in real-world settings. Through experiential learning opportunities, our student participants with their faculty members put theory into practice by generating innovative solutions, thereby facilitating the critical and collaborative problem-solving abilities of participants.

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