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Clothing giveaway by San Francisco Bay Area AYUDH

Two people stand with clothing in their hands and smile

Key Points

  • On December 14, the San Francisco Bay Area branch of AYUDH partnered with Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS), a local organization aiding the homeless and those with disabilities.
  • AYUDH members, with the support of Embracing the World volunteers, collected over 30 bags of clothing. They organized a clothing give-away at BOSS’s center in downtown Oakland, California, where participants were treated as guests, and AYUDH members facilitated a dignified shopping-like experience for them.
  • AYUDH not only provided clothing but also set aside high-quality donations for BOSS’ Workforce Development Program, aiming to create an ‘interview closet’ for individuals seeking employment. AYUDH member Amethyst highlighted the profound impact of seemingly small acts, emphasizing that providing interview-appropriate clothing could significantly improve someone’s chances of securing a job and positively affect their life.
25 January 2015
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Food, Water & Shelter
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On Sunday, December 14th, the San Francisco Bay Area branch of AYUDH, our youth wing, participated in a clothing give-away in collaboration with Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS), a local organization that helps to rehabilitate the homeless, destitute and people with disabilities.

AYUDH members gather and smile

Leading up to the event, AYUDH members collected over 30 bags of clothing from Embracing the World volunteers and organized the clothing by size. BOSS invited participants in their programs to come to their downtown Oakland, California center, where AYUDH set up tables heaped with clothing. As people came in from the cold, they were greeted as guests. AYUDH members lead the participants from table to table creating the atmosphere of a shop so that participants could choose their clothing with dignity. People were as happy to receive, as the AYUDH members were to give.

Volunteers sort clothing on tables

Additionally, AYUDH set aside the nicer donations for BOSS’ Workforce Development Program. BOSS is setting up an ‘interview closet,’ for people who are trying to get a job but cannot afford interview clothing.

A man holds up a black jacket and white shirt and smiles

AYUDH member Amethyst expressed that she had learned that even small acts can have large impacts. Little things like a dress shirt or the right shoes can lead to someone getting a job that might not be able to otherwise and this can have a profound effect on their lives.

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