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Cataract surgeries performed in Sierra Leone

A doctor holds a medical device while examining the eyes of a patient
140 procedures took place free-of-charge at the provincial hospital of Kabwe

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10 December 2022
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Embracing the World and Visio Sense Fronteres partnered with Don Bosco Fambul in Sierra Leone to carry out 134 cataract surgeries. The 10-day outreach and medical camp took place at Don Bosco Fambul’s small hospital in Freetown.

Our group started with two optometrists visiting villages in the surrounding area to reach out to people in need of eye and vision care. Patients with cataracts were provided assistance to travel to the hospital for surgery.  

The surgical team consisted of three opthamologists, two optometrists, and one general practitioner to assist in the operation theatres. Upon hearing about the medical camp, new patients also came to the hospital and were screened, given eyedrops, sunglasses, medicines, and anything else needed for cataract care.  

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