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AYUDH Europe’s project ‘Celebrating Diversity’ awarded special prize by the European Youth Network SALTO

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Key Points

  • AYUDH Europe’s project ‘Celebrating Diversity’ received a special prize for Inclusion and Diversity from SALTO Participation & Information, a European network supporting youth through Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs.
  • The project, involving over 500 youth from more than 10 countries, embraced the European Union’s motto “United in Diversity.” It encourages young people to actively participate in society, particularly those with fewer opportunities.
  • AYUDH Europe, dedicated to nurturing an active, diverse, and inclusive youth community, was recognized for its 15 years of commitment to youth work.
3 July 2020
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AYUDH Europe’s project ‘Celebrating Diversity’ was awarded the special prize for Inclusion and Diversity from SALTO Participation & Information. SALTO is the European network for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities for youth within the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs of the European Commission.

An AYUDH member presents project on zoom

Over 70 youth projects were nominated to receive an award in several categories, such as Media and Information Literacy, Promotion and Outreach, Youth Participation, and others. The project ‘Celebrating Diversity’, which engaged over 500 youth from over 10 countries and made the European Union’s motto “United in Diversity” its mission, was the winning project for the special prize for Inclusion and Diversity.

“We really loved this project, how it is fully led by young people with a diverse range of backgrounds including marginalized groups and how it enables young people to get active in society […] This [project] has been really outstanding and this is how we came to the conclusion that we will dedicate this [award] to you, also because in our work in SALTO PI we always dedicate special attention to the participation in the lives of people with fewer opportunities”  Georg Feiner, Coordinator of Youth Participation at SALTO.

Swamiji speaks at an AYUDH summit

AYUDH Europe has been committed to foster an active, diverse, and inclusive community of young people since its very foundation in 2005. After 15 years of experience in the field of youth work, we are very grateful this commitment has been recognized as remarkable and unique.

The video of the online ceremony is available at:

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