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Amrita University’s learning app wins $125,000 USD prize in US-based XPRIZE Adult Literacy Competition

Two women holding the award plaque.
Rita Sutcliffe and Dr Prema Nedungadi of the Amrita CREATE Team holding the award.

Key Points

  • Amrita Learning App was awarded $125,000 USD (Rs. 89 lakh) in the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE competition.
  • The app showed significant gains in reading skills for all learners, and has significant Spanish language support.
  • Designed specifically for adults, the app, consists of true and fictional passages, hand-drawn characters, and sections supported by human-voice audio.
22 February 2019
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Amrita University’s Amrita Learning App, a finalist in the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE competition, emerged as the winner in its first phase among 108 other registered teams, and was recognized as providing the best ways to accelerate adult literacy in the United States using mobile solutions. Developed by our Amrita University, the app won $125,000 (Rs. 89 lakh) from XPRIZE, which provides effective, proven educational apps into the hands of learners around the country for free.

We are one of four teams selected for demonstrating significant improvement in language skills in both Native Speakers (NS) and English as a Second Language (ESL) learners during a 12-month test period. The competition will now move on to the next phase – the Communities Challenge – where the final four apps will be scaled up to enroll one million users across the USA. The Communities Competition challenges communities and organisations across the country to empower adults with low literacy skills to download and use a free, effective, convenient and private mobile learning tool.

The Amrita Learning App was developed by an 18-member team from our university’s Center for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education (Amrita CREATE), led by Dr. Prema Nedungadi. She said, “We are thrilled to have demonstrated a significant increase in learning levels across all types of learners. We dedicate this app to Chancellor Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, whose vision of education for life skills, compassion-driven research, and global reach inspired and influenced the design of the app. We hope to scale this to millions of learners in the USA through XPRIZE and through the Barbara Bush Foundation, founded by the former first lady, Barbara Bush, who literally defined the family literacy movement.”

Our team has created a personalised learning app structured upon an engaging and culturally appropriate series of stories linked to life skills. The app, designed specifically for adults, consists of true and fictional passages, hand-drawn characters, and sections supported by human-voice audio. The app also has substantial Spanish language support. Lessons are supported with relevant learning games and music. Amrita Learning App is already available to the public for free on the Google Play Store.

“The goal was not just to teach literacy, but to help engage and uplift learners who can benefit themselves, their families and their communities. We are very proud of our app and its ability to help people learn to read. So we would like all major social-service providers and adult educators to promote its widespread distribution to adult learners. Use of the Amrita Learning App will increase the user’s literacy to a point where his or her learning begins to naturally increase exponentially, with increased participation in society. From there, we hope that users will feel confident to engage more fully in civic life and become more economically sufficient,” said Dr. Nedungadi.

Amrita CREATE has developed and deployed large-scale projects across India in education. These include Amrita RITE (Rural India Table enhanced Education) in remote villages; Intelligent Tutoring Systems for School Education; eGovernance Systems for Schools, Big Data Analytics in Education and Health; Health Awareness and Monitoring Systems and Simulations; and Virtual Interactive learning environments for Medical Education. In 2015, Amrita CREATE received the UNESCO – NLM award for Adult Literacy in 2008 and the Digital India award from the Government of India.


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