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Amrita University to grant full scholarships for 350 students from Africa

Amrita University-Africa Summit in New Delhi, attended by dignitaries, ambassadors, and high commissioners from various African nations.

Key Points

  • Amrita University has launched a scholarship program to support 350 students from Africa in pursuing higher education in India.
  • India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Shri V Muraleedharan, praised the initiative and emphasized India’s enduring educational ties with Africa.
  • The collaboration will cover a range of fields of study, including medical education at Amrita Hospitals in Kochi, Kerala, and Faridabad, Haryana and potential collaborations in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs at Amrita University.
20 April 2022
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The funding facilitates free education at India’s top private university and the fifth-best in the country

Amrita University has announced a new scholarship program to support 350 students from Africa to travel to India for higher education. Envisioning a common bond between Africa and India to further sustainable development, the announcement was made at the Amrita-Africa Summit in New Delhi on Monday. The event was attended by ambassadors and high commissioners from across Africa and hosted by dignitaries from the Amrita University.

India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Shri V Muraleedharan, was the Chief Guest. Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri is the Vice Chairman of Mata Amritanandamayi Math and President of Amrita University and presided over the conference.

The distinguished guests from Africa represented Burkina Faso, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Amma, Amrita University’s Chancellor, addressed the gathering via video. She shared that all of society will benefit when we see there is a difference between the types of knowledge one can pursue.

“There are two kinds of education: education for living and education for life,” said Amma. “While education for a living is essential for success in the academic and material sense, education for life equips young people with the knowledge, skills and values needed to lead an ethical and beneficial existence.”

It is this second type of education that brings true growth to society, as its members come together to participate in building a better world instead of creating conflicts that come as a result of competition. Education should not focus only on gathering information about the world, but also an understanding of our part in contributing to the whole.”

Swami Amritaswarupananda said, “Let our youth excel in every single area of action, but allow them to be fair players. That is compassion in action. Let them be fair players with love and compassion for others. Along with scientific and technological excellence, Amrita University inculcates a deep sense of social responsibility in its students.”

Amrita University and the African nations will soon reach an agreement in the various fields of study available, including its medical schools at Amrita Hospitals in Kochi, Kerala and Faridabad, Haryana. In 2021, the Govt of India’s National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) rated Amrita University the country’s top private university and the fifth best out of all public and private universities.

Shri V Muraleedharan congratulated Amrita University for organizing the meeting and emphasized that India is well-known for its long-lasting educational ties with Africa. He said the Ministry of External Affairs has a liberal process for African students and assures them proper care.

“The Indian higher education system has been witnessing metamorphic changes over the years and is considered as having the largest higher education system in the world. The Faridabad campus of Amrita Hospital will be a major expansion in terms of quality medical education and healthcare. It will provide connectivity to Delhi and the Ministry will be collaborating with the facilities and opportunities with this,” he added.

The African officials included:

  • HE Stella Budiriganya, Ambassador, Republic of Burundi
  • HE Isse Abdillahi Assoweh, Ambassador, Republic of Djibouti
  • HE Mustapha Jawara, High Commissioner, the Republic of The Gambia
  • HE Ahmed Sule, Ambassador, Nigeria High Commission
  • HE Christopher E Okeke, Minister, Nigeria High Commission
  • HE Abdalla Omer Bashir Elhusain, Ambassador, Sudan
  • HE Anisa Kapufi Mbega, High Commissioner, The United Republic of Tanzania
  • HE Kondi Mani, Charge d’ Affaires a. i., Togolese Republic
  • HE Margaret L Kyogire, Deputy High Commissioner, Uganda High Commission
  • HE Dr Godfrey Majoni Chipare, Ambassador, Republic of Zimbabwe
  • Mr Jean Baptiste Gagre, Second Counselor, Burkina Faso
  • Mr Theodore Dah, Minister Counsellor, Côte D’Ivoire
  • Mr Leonardo Mola Laplata Mum, Counsellor, Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • Mr Errachid Alaoui Mrani, Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Mr Mehdi Boukourizia, First Secretary, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Mr Moustapha Aboubacar Diori, First Secretary, Republic of Niger
  • Dr PV Jayaraj, Managing Director, Tanzania
  • Mr Balunywa Baker N, Education Attache, Uganda High Commission

The event focused on potential collaborations with distinguished delegates from Africa for exploring opportunities in the areas of education, research, and healthcare, with special emphasis on admissions and scholarships offered for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.

Along with these, PhD level collaborations in specific thematic areas with respect to sustainable development, social sciences, engineering, and management were showcased. The event also highlighted Amrita University’s 100 fully-funded E4Life PhD scholarships for highly promising students; as well as specifically tailored PhD programs for government officials that are to be offered at Amrita University.

Amrita’s Dean of Life Sciences, Dr. Bipin Nair, delivered the welcome address, while Vice-Chancellor Dr. Venkat Rangan, Medical Director of Amrita Hospitals Dr. Prem Nair, and Provost Dr. Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh spoke about the various aspects of study and facilities Amrita University offers. The Dean for Postgraduate Programs, Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, gave the vote of thanks and the conference ended with a lively group photo session.

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