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Amrita SREE exemplifies bringing help to the suffering, says Kerala Minister Roshi Augustine

A mother with a child in her arms smiles as she receives a kit.
Through this initiative, women in rural areas are given the tools and support to improve their economic and social well-being.

Key Points

  • Kerala’s Water Resources Minister, Roshi Augustine, inaugurated the annual meeting for Amrita SREE Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Idukki district, hailing it as a global role model for supporting women and families in the isolated hilly region.
  • Approximately 4,000 women who are members of Amrita SREE SHGs attended, receiving kits with food, clothing, grains, and financial aid.

Roshi Augustine, Kerala’s Water Resources Minister (Kerala Congress M), recently inaugurated Idukki district’s annual meeting for Amrita SREE Self-Help Groups (SHGs). He said that the Amrita SREE project is a role model for the whole world in its reach to women and their families living in the isolated, hilly region.  

Around 4,000 women who are Amrita SREE SHG members attended the gathering. They were given kits that included food, clothing, grains, and financial assistance. In addition, each SHG with 20 members was provided with working capital. 

MM Mani MLA (CPIM), who presided over the function, said that Amma is carrying out a great endeavour to lend a helping hand to fellow beings in need. He added that such services rendered for the betterment of society are invaluable. 

Swami Jnanamritananda Puri delivered the blessing speech. Kamakshi Gram Panchayat Member NR Ajayan, NSS High Range Union President R Manikuttan, SNDP Idukki Taluk Union President P Rajan, Amrita SREE Coordinator R Ranganathan, and District Coordinator Usha Balan also spoke. 

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