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Amrita Hospital launches first of its kind breast centre for women

Lamp is lit on stage

Key Points

  • Amrita Hospital in Kochi launched a specialized clinic for comprehensive breast healthcare, staffed by internationally trained women doctors.
  • The center provides advanced surgical techniques, radiological evaluation, radiation treatment, and post-treatment rehabilitation, all under one roof, with surgeons trained in Oncoplastic breast surgery from the University of East Anglia.
  • The facility treats over 500 breast cancer cases and around 1,000 benign breast diseases annually, offering digital breast tomography and MRI, along with specialist breast pathology and radiology services, with a focus on female patients. It is part of Paripoorna, a Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare Center.
4 February 2020
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February 4, 2020

Amrita Hospital today inaugurated a specialized clinic for one-stop-solution for all breast-related medical ailments. One of its kind clinics will have internationally trained women, doctors, and staff. The center was graced by the presence of Dr. Beena M, Chairman Cochin Port Trust.

“We are obliged to Dr. Beena for gracing the ceremony as the chief guest. We are also grateful to popular film-star Samyuktha Menon for launching our website. The breast center unit is a part of Paripoorna, a Centre for Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare. Paripoorna offers the best state-of-the-art comprehensive healthcare package for multi-disciplinary consultation for female patients,” says Dr. Beena K V, Senior Medical Administrator, in charge of Paripoorna Women’s Health Clinic, after the launch of the center on World Cancer Day.

“Our new breast center provides state-of-art surgical techniques, radiological evaluation, radiation treatment, and post-treatment rehabilitation all under one roof and by doctors trained specifically for breast imaging, surgery, and radiation,” she said.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences has been one of the earliest hospitals in Kerala to offer Oncoplastic breast surgery since 2014. The hospital now has surgeons trained in Oncoplastic breast surgery from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England. The doctors and nurses will follow the international norms of Breast Care clinics.

“The hospital is offering post-mastectomy rehabilitation and silicone external breast prosthesis for breast cancer patients. We also offer a complete range of Oncoplastic surgeries from local remodeling of the breast to local and pedicled flaps, implant reconstruction and free flaps for breast reconstruction,” says Dr. Vijayakumar, Head of the Dept, Surgical Oncology unit.

He added that the “objective for having a dedicated unit for breast diseases is to provide comprehensive care for all breast-related problems by female surgeons.”

The new center is located within the oncology center of the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences where more than 500 cases of breast cancer are treated every year. Besides this, around 1,000 cases of benign breast diseases are also treated at this hospital.
Dr. Beena added, “We also have a state of art breast imaging center with breast radiologist offering digital breast tomography, 1.5 t breast MRI unit, with more than 1,500 image-guided and diagnostic procedures yearly to our credit,”.

The hospital has three surgeons in the breast unit who are trained in surgical oncology and breast oncoplastic surgery. A highly qualified breast Onco-pathologist and breast radiologist are also available. All surgeons are highly trained and they are also trained in Breast Oncoplastic surgery technique from the UK.

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