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Amrita Hospital doctor’s book on Covid-19 receives global acclaim

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15 April 2020
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Disaster Relief
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Disaster Relief Humanitarian Research

Dr. Tinku Joseph K, Clinical Associate Professor & Consultant Interventional Pulmonologist at our Department of Pulmonary Medicine took help from 24 eminent respiratory physicians from different parts of the world for the compilation of the book.

Early March, as the whole world was struggling to come to terms with the challenges posed by Covid-19, Dr. Tinku Joseph an interventional pulmonologist put together a book that provided all essential details on the viral disease. The book titled ‘International Pulmonary consensus on Covid-19’ was released on March 14 and provides substantial information on treatment and preventive strategies on Covid-19 for all health care professionals.

Dr. Joseph, who works as at Amrita Hospital, Kochi, took help from 24 eminent respiratory physicians from different parts of the world during the course of the compilation of the book. The e-copy of the book is being circulated free of cost.

The e-book created a lot of interest among healthcare professionals in many countries. It is being used as a reference guide and has already been translated into 12 languages.

“I am thinking of releasing a second edition providing more insight on the disease,” said Dr. Joseph.

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