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Amrita Australia launches Galupa Homeland Project for Indigenous Women

Amma reaches out to embrace a rudraksha tree
Amma launched the project by symbolically presenting a Rudraksha tree to the Amrita Australia board members

Key Points

  • As part of Amma’s 66th Birthday Celebrations, Amrita Australia launched the Galupa Homeland Project, aimed at supporting indigenous women and children in Northern Australia. The project focuses on maintaining cultural connections and empowering young indigenous women through a Community Art Program.
  • The program, designed in collaboration with Yolngu Elders, provides shelter, art activities, and cultural engagement to young indigenous women living at Galupa Safety House. It includes the purchase and delivery of an air-conditioned demountable accommodation to improve their living conditions.
  • The project’s goal is to strengthen the resolve of these women to stay on their homeland, maintain their cultural ties, and provide them with spiritual, physical, and social benefits. It represents a significant effort to support and empower indigenous communities in Australia.

As part of Amma’s 66th Birthday Celebrations a new project named Galupa Homeland Project designed for the indigenous women in Northern Australia has been launched.

Amma launched the project by symbolically presenting a Rudraksha tree to the Amrita Australia board members Nava Subramaniam and James Conquest.

The project aims to maintain cultural connection and empower young women and children of indigenous tribes in northern Australia. The Project centres around working with Yolngu Elders to establish an ongoing Community Art Program designed to keep the Young Women living at Galupa safe with purpose and connected to their Culture and Land. The art programme has been designed by Yolngu Elders to support young vulnerable Indigenous Women and Children.

Currently these young Women are living at Galupa Safety House supported and led by Gumatj clan Elder Gayili Marika Yunupingu.

Black and white photo of Elder

To further support the health and well being of the Women and children at Galupa, The Elders requested an insulated weather-proof demountable as shelter from the harsh summer heat and extreme weather. Currently the only accommodation at the Galupa Homeland is an open shed.

Working closely with TCP and the Elders at Galupa AAL are proud to be funding the establishment of the Community Art Program and the purchase, manufacture and delivery of the air-conditioned demountable accommodation to directly support the Young Women and Elders living at Galupa.

Newly constructed accommodation

This project will strengthen the Women’s resolve to stay on their homeland, and through this maintain their connection to Culture and Land. Such support also has direct positive spiritual, physical and social benefits.


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