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Amma gets a warm welcome by Dorothy Bush Koch in Washington D.C.

Dorothy walks towards Amma with a garland in her hand while Amma reaches out to throw flower petals on her
Dorothy officially welcomes Amma to Washington, DC on the stage at Amma's program.

Key Points

  •  Dorothy Bush Koch, daughter of the 41st President of the United States, George H. Bush, and sister of the 43rd President, George W. Bush, welcomed Amma to Washington, DC during Amma’s program in July 2019. She praised Amma for promoting love and compassion as an alternative to division and discord in the world.
  • Dorothy Bush Koch recognized Amma’s humanitarian work, which includes the Amrita Learning App developed by Amrita University to address low-literacy issues in the United States. Amrita University has a history of working on literacy in rural communities and received recognition for its efforts, including the UNESCO National Literacy Mission Award.
  • Amma’s visit to Washington, DC was part of her 2019 North American Tour, which marked her 33rd annual tour of the United States and Canada. Additionally, the Barbara Bush Foundation awarded the Amrita Learning App as one of the finalists in its 2018 Adult Literacy XPRIZE Contest, aligning with Amma’s mission of promoting education and compassion.
2 July 2019
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July 2, 2019, Washington D.C.

Dorothy Bush Koch—daughter of 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush and sister of 43rd President George W. Bush—officially welcomed Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi to Washington D.C. on July 1st. Dorothy and her sister-in-law, Patricia Reilly Koch, garlanded Amma, received her blessings and offered a few words.

Dorothy Bush Koch explained that she had become aware of Amma and her humanitarian endeavours when Amma’s university, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, designed the “Amrita Learning App,” a mobile application designed to tackle the problem of low-literacy in the United States. Ultimately Dorothy’s family’s charity, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Adult Literacy, would honour Amrita for the app as one of the winners of its 2018 Adult Literacy XPRIZE Contest.

“Amma is here to show us that another path is possible – the path of love and compassion,” said Dorothy Bush Koch.

“We are living right now through a time of deep division and discord—not only in our country but across the world,” said Dorothy Bush Koch “Amma is here to show us that another path is possible—the path of love and compassion.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that Amma’s humanitarian work surpasses that of many governments,” she added. “In addition to Amma’s darshan and other charitable efforts, Amma is harnessing the power of science and technology to improve people’s lives and create a more equitable world, and we are so excited to be partnering with her on this new frontier.”

Amrita University has been working with literacy in rural communities for more than 20 years. In 2008, it received the UNESCO National Literacy Mission Award from the President of India for Adult Education. It also provides tablet-enhanced literacy in more than 100 villages in 21 Indian states.

Amrita University has offered the Amrita Learning App free of cost, and it is being used by thousands of learners and by large communities in the U.S., such as World Education, Proliteracy, NAHMA (the National Affordable Housing Management Association), Literacy Services of Wisconsin, Lit Fit Neo, Milwaukee Knowledge Exchange, and the Literacy Council of Central Alabama.

Members of The Barbara Bush Foundation hand over the award to members of Amrita University
The Barbara Bush Foundation awarded Amrita Learning App as one of the finalists in its 2018 Adult Literacy XPRIZE Contest.

Amma was in Washington DC for two days as part of her six-week 2019 North American Tour—her 33rd annual tour of the United States and Canada.

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