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51,000 seed balls dropped at Chittapur forest of Telengana

Students hold seed balls in their hands and smile
Students join hands to help in reforestation efforts

Key Points

  • Over 200 students and devotees, including those from CMR institutions, Aurora College, and Amrita Vidyalayam, collaborated to create and disperse 51,000 seed balls in the Chittapur Forest Reserve of Telangana. These seed balls consist of a mixture of fertile soil, compost, and plant seeds, with the aim of growing trees and enhancing the region’s green cover.
  • With the monsoon season approaching, the planted seed balls are expected to sprout into trees, contributing to increased greenery, improved air quality, oxygen production, water conservation, soil preservation, and support for wildlife. This initiative aligns with the goals of AYUDH, an international youth movement dedicated to meeting the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives.
  • The Mata Amritanandamayi Math, as part of the United Nations’ Trillion Tree campaign, has organized the planting of over a million trees worldwide. It holds special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, recognizing its efforts in environmental conservation and sustainability.

Over 200 students and devotees fanned out into Chittapur Forest Reserve in Ibrahimpatnam with seed balls and dispersed them. The seed balls are made with a fine mixture of fertile soil, compost and plant seeds, to make the seeds to sprout into plants and trees. As part of AYUDH, international youth movement working to meet the sustainable development goals put forth by the UN, students of CMR institutions, Aurora College and students of Amrita Vidyalayam joined hands in preparing seed balls.

Over the past 10 days, hundreds worked in achieving the goal of preparation of 51,000 seed balls. Br Raghunath, co-ordinator & Mata Amritanandamayi Math In-charge, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh said, “With the monsoon setting in, these planted seed balls can sprout into trees, resulting in increased green cover, providing oxygen, improving air quality and climate, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife.”

As a member-organisation of the United Nation’s Trillion Tree campaign, Mata Amritanandamayi Math has organised the planting of more than a million trees globally. It has also been recognised as an NGO with Special consultative status to the UN ECONOMIC and Social council.

As a member-organisation of the United Nation’s Trillion Tree campaign, Mata Amritanandamayi Math has organised the planting of more than a million trees globally Amma’s devotees and AYUDH members from Mata Amritanandamayi Math, students, spread the message of greenery by dispersing seed balls in Chittapur forest reserve, Ibrahimpatnam, and neighbourbood forests of Hyderabad

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