Help with Special Needs

Help With Special Needs

We are happy to help all visitors with special needs enjoy Amma’s programs. We can easily accommodate people either in wheelchairs or who are physically challenged, as well as the elderly and pregnant women.

At every program, there's a team of volunteers wearing blue scarves to help you. When you arrive, please join the token line and let a volunteer know a bit about your concerns. They will bring someone wearing a blue scarf who will be able to quickly assess your needs and provide a comfortable solution

It's important to join the token line if you are able, as it's the best way to get a token to receive Amma’s embrace. If you arrive after the token line has dispersed, please ask a volunteer how to get one. You will then be directed to a member of the blue scarf team who will assist you after you receive your token. 

Volunteers are happy to assist you and make sure you are properly taken care of in a way that is both comfortable and efficient.