Joining the Queue

We Use a Token System

Tokens are free and the system is designed so that the first people to join the line are the first to meet Amma. Here’s how it works:

  • Tokens are small cards, imprinted with a letter and a number, like A1, or C3, or Q7.
  • Groups meet Amma in sequence: the A1 group goes before the A2 group.
  • Everyone wishing to meet Amma must get a token, including infants.
  • A line forms two hours before each program. Everyone in your party must be present.
  • One hour before Amma arrives, tokens are handed out.
  • If you arrive after the program begins, you may still be able to get one. 
  • We may be unable to replace tokens that get lost.

Please arrive early, especially if you have time constraints. Because programs last for many hours, your group may not be posted until late in the afternoon for morning programs, or after midnight for the evening programs.

If you plan to come more than once

  • If you received an embrace on a prior day, you may be asked to wait to receive a token.
  • If you received an embrace during a morning program, you will not be able to get a token for that evening’s program, although you are welcome to attend.

Getting a Seat Before Amma’s Arrival

  • After you have gotten your token, volunteers will seat you.
  • If you leave your seat, please be sure to return 15 minutes before Amma arrives. We will fill in all unoccupied seats at that time.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the hall except covered beverages.
  • Please do not take any photographs, audio or video recordings. Many pictures are available at the Amma Shop. Proceeds from sales in the Amma Shop benefit Amma’s charities.