Every night, contemplate: What good did I do today? How can I do better tomorrow?
What we need is peace of mind. We can gain that only through the control of our mind.
To receive God's grace, we first need the grace from ourselves.
True laughter comes from the heart.  Only with an innocent heart can we experience real joy and give joy to others.
Through spiritual thoughts, we gain power and cultivate strong minds. God represents all good qualities, such as self-sacrifice, love and compassion.
There are thousands ready to die for their religion, but only a few are willing to live by its principles. Because of their narrow vision and envy, they have missed the true essence and message of religion which is love and compassion.
True happiness is when the love that is within us finds expression in external activities.
Only those who are humble can receive God's grace.  In someone who perceives God's presence in everything, there is no room for the ego.  So the first quality we need to develop within ourselves is humility.