What is to be done in order to obtain peace? We should live our life understanding and discriminating between the eternal and the non-eternal.
Every night, contemplate: What good did I do today? How can I do better tomorrow?
Relaxation is a technique through which you can catch a glimpse of your real nature.
Spend each moment intensely focused on the spiritual goal of life. Take a pledge to put effort in this direction.
Concentration and love are one - like two sides of a coin. Love should be there if you want concentration.
Look carefully, see what is of value in others, and respect that.
When you are traveling to a new place, there won’t be anything to worry about if you have a reliable map. Similarly, if you use the principles of spirituality as a guide and live your life accordingly, you will never be overwhelmed by any crises. You will know how to foresee and deal with any... more ›
There is no human being who doesn't possess at least one divine quality.