By letting the mind expand in the sound of divine chanting (such as devotional music), each one can enjoy the peace born of one's inherent divinity.
Selfless service strengthens the mind so that you can overcome any situation in life.
Change has to begin with the individual.  When an individual changes for the better, the whole family benefits, and then society prospers.
Even if we have everything, if there is no mental peace, we cannot lead a happy life.
Let us focus on what we can give to others—not on what we can get for ourselves. Only then can we bring about a total transformation in our global family.
The only way to put an end to the ruler of these negative thoughts and emotions is to develop awareness.
Real life is developed from within. Real living means that the soul expresses itself through all one's thoughts, words and actions. A person becomes fearless once he understands the nature of the imperishable soul.
If we are able to give happiness to a soul-even for a minute-our life becomes blessed.