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AIMS Tertiary Hospital, Kochi, Kerala
Our 1,300-bed tertiary-care hospital in Kochi offers cutting-edge healthcare services for those who would otherwise have nowhere to turn to. Healthcare & Nutrition
More than 100 Medical Drives Annually
Every year AIMS conducts more than 100 free health drives in remote, impoverished areas. Complex cases are referred to AIMS for specialized care. Healthcare & Nutrition
Specialized Pediatric Care
In 2010 alone, we performed 533 pediatric heart surgeries for patients without ability to pay. The surgeries were performed free of charge. Healthcare & Nutrition
Our Five Charitable Hospitals
Given that physical access to treatment facilities remains an obstacle towards receiving care, we have already built five satellite hospitals.

What We've Accomplished

  • More than $60 Million in free medical care since 1998
  • AIMS Hospitals: 1,450 beds with an attached medical college with a 400 bed facility, offering free or subsidized care
  • AIMS:Our extensive infrastructure offers facilities comprising 25 modern operating theatres.
  • AIMS: has 210 equipped intensive-care beds
  • AIMS: has a fully computerized and networked Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • AIMS: has a fully digital radiology department
  • AIMS: has NABL accredited clinical laboratories
  • AIMS: has equipped 24 / 7 telemedicine service.
  • AIMS: supports a daily patient volume of about 3000 outpatients with 95 percent inpatient occupancy.
  • AIMS: annual patient turnover touches an incredible figure of over 779,055 outpatients and nearly 47,577 inpatients.
  • More than 5.5 Million patients treated - 2 Million patients treated for free
  • A Mobile Telemedicine Unit, the size of a city bus, bringing sophisticated medical care to remote areas
  • More than 100 free medical drives in remote, impoverished areas. When necessary, patients go to the hospital for free.
  • 25 bed hospital near a remote hilltop temple provides for the hundreds of thousands who make the pilgrimage every year
  • Medical dispensary in Mumbai
  • HIV/AIDS care center, open daily,  providing anti-retroviral drugs and care services
  • Free cataract surgeries: 726 patients in 2010
  • Pain and Palliative Home Care: 75,000 impoverished, terminally ill patients treated annually -- all free of charge
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    HIV/Aids Care Center
    We focus on providing both material and psychological support for people living with HIV and Aids.
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    As of November 2011, the mobile unit has been used to treat more than 500,000 patients throughout India.
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    Community Outreach
    This department provides family-oriented health education, training doctors in the art of community medicine.
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    Cleft Palate Repair
    In 2010 alone, we provided 54 free cleft-palate repair surgeries for patients without the ability to pay.
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    Cleft Palate Repair
    In 2010 alone, we provided 54 free cleft-palate repair surgeries for patients without the ability to pay.
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    Health Center in the Andamans
    After the 2004 tsunami, the islanders requested Amma’s help to establish state-of-the-art medical facilities.
  • Healthcare & Nutrition
    Doctors to the Rescue
    Doctors from AIMS, our tertiary hospital in Kochi, Kerala, rush to respond to natural disasters across India.
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