Fighting Hunger Fighting Hunger
10 million meals
We serve free meals for 10 million people each year throughout India. Fighting Hunger
Fighting Hunger in the USA
We feed 75,000 economically disadvantaged people in 47 cities throughout North America each year. Fighting Hunger
Food for Disaster Survivors
Food is always an integral part of our disaster relief efforts, with an emphasis on rapid delivery in the wake of a crisis. Fighting Hunger
Staple Foods for Remote Communities
We regularly distribute rice, milk and other uncooked staple foods to remote communities who do not receive aid from any other organization.

What We've Accomplished

  • Feeding more than 10 million people a year in India
  • Distributing uncooked rice, milk and other staples to deeply impoverished communities
  • Providing six million free meals and 185 tons of uncooked rice in the first six months after the 2006 Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • Serving more than 100,000 meals every year to the homeless and hungry internationally
  • Feeding more than 75,000 people every year in 40 cities throughout North America
  • Fighting Hunger
    In the first six months after the 2004 tsunami, we provided more than 185 tons of uncooked rice for survivors.
  • Fighting Hunger
    Feeding Mumbai's Street Kids
    At our center in Mumbai, every Sunday we provide milk and a nourishing hot meal for homeless children.
Fighting Hunger