Building Homes Building Homes
1,000 Homes for Flood Survivors
Ours was the first NGO in India to build homes for survivors of the 2009 floods in Karnataka which displaced more than one million people. Building Homes
A New Lease on Life
This community was built for tsunami survivors in Nagapattinam, the area in India hardest-hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Building Homes
It Takes a Village
After the tsunami we rebuilt entire villages, complete with electricity, sanitation and clean drinking water, roads, and community centers. Building Homes
Housing Project in Sri Lanka
96 homes were constructed in the Sinhalese-populated village of Thekkawatta and in the Tamil-populated village of Peryanilavanai.

What We've Accomplished

  • Building not just 100,000 homes for the homeless but whole communities complete with town halls, roads, wells, electricity, sewage systems and clean drinking water
  • More than 1,600 families relocated from slums into new apartments
  • 6,200 new homes for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • 2,000 new homes for flood victims in Raichur
  • 1,200 new homes for victims of the Gujarat Earthquake in 2009
  • Building Homes
    Beyond building homes, we work to build whole communities complete with drinking water and sanitation.
  • Building Homes
    All Aspects of Life Considered
    We work to improve the overall quality of life for the communities we build -- including schooling.
Homes & Slum Renovation