Green Initiatives Green Initiatives
United Nations' Billion Tree Campaign
As part of the UN Billion Tree Campaign, our volunteers have planted more than one million trees worldwide. Green Initiatives
Modeling Sustainability
At all our institutions and centers worldwide, we work hard to implement best practices in sustainability, like organic wastewater treatment. Green Initiatives
Youth-Engineered Seed Bank
GrowIn - One Seed at a Time is an initiative by our international youth movement to inspire young people to learn to cultivate their own food. Green Initiatives
Recognized by UNESCO
Several of our projects and events have been formally recognized by UNESCO as part of the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development.

What We've Accomplished

  • In Kerala, India, three medicinal plant gardens conserve coastal, midland and forest ecosystems and provide employment for local women.
  • In France, Amma’s volunteers built a walk-in bee sanctuary that offers the educational experience of living with bees.
  • In Europe, Greenfriends is using organic cultivation methods and developing seed banks to preserve local, ancient and/or endangered seeds.
  • In the USA, Embracing the World has launched a tree sponsorship program with the goal of reforesting 80 acres of land with 40,000 pine trees.
  • In India, volunteers are using nonrecyclable hard plastic packing straps to weave bed bases for metal-framed foldaway beds for disaster survivors.
  • Amma Fiji’s Green Friends picked up hundreds of plastic bags and bottles, pieces of foam, and even some tires. Around 60 bags of garbage was picked up on two beaches along the Suva Sea Wall.
  • Green Shores project is planning on planting 300,000 casuarina saplings in total on the Alappad Panchayat peninsula.
  • Green Initiatives
    Amma Signs the Earth Charter
    In 2009, Amma endorsed the Earth Charter, a declaration of fundamental principles in sustainable living.
  • Green Initiatives
    The Plastic Project
    This multinational eco-project utilizes traditional weaving techniques to recycle plastic packaging.
  • Green Initiatives
    Immersive Learning with Bees
    Our volunteers built a walk-in bee sanctuary that offers the educational experience of living with bees.
Green Initiatives