San Diego Satsang

In this New Year, we need to ask ourselves some important questions: First, ask yourself, “Am I making steady progress on the spiritual path? Am I being steady in my spiritual discipline and practice? Or have I lost my way?” Secondly, “Am I living for myself alone? Or, each day, am I able to do something—anything—selflessly for others?” Thirdly, “Am I able to maintain self-control and maturity at all times? Or, overcome by anger, jealousy and other lower emotions, am I still hurting others?” And, finally, “Am I able to contribute and play my part in protecting the environment?”  
"Group Chanting and prayer is very powerful. It can change anything. Lost harmony of the human mind can be restored only through selfless attitude supported by prayer, meditation and chanting of mantras." ~Amma
Mother's Kitchen
Mother's Kitchen: Volunteers preparing sandwiches .... Please contact Shaker ( if you are interested in supporting San Diego satsang prepares sandwiches twice a month and delivers them to Interfaith Community Services, Escondido, CA