San Diego Satsang

Mother's Kitchen

Bag Lunch

Mother’s Kitchen is a great way to join in our satsang’s efforts to serve the local community, as we make about 150 bags of lunch for the needy and homeless, twice a month. Everyone is welcome to come and participate.

We prepare lunch bags with:

  • a Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
  • a packet of Chips
  • a packet of Juice
  • a Fruit
  • a Granola Bar


Please see the Events for the location


Typically starts 12:00 noon or 1:00PM and takes about 2 hours.


Hot Meal

San Diego Mother's Kitchen (Coastal), has initiated a new project to serve a hot homemade meal once per month to 25 homeless youth. The meal consists of:

  • lasagna
  • salad
  • bread
  • cookies
  • and juice.

After cooking, we deliver the meal to an organization called Stand Up for Kids, which is a voluntary non-profit group that provides support to street youth ages 13 to 25.