M.A.Center, Atlanta

Br. Ramanand will perform a special Sarvaishwaryai Homa for Auspiciousness and Prosperity as part of Amma's Birthday Celebrations on September 29th at 10:30am - M.A Center Atlanta. Click Here to Register.
Please join us for Amma's 65th Birthday Celebrations at M.A.Center - Atlanta. Celebrations will begin at 9:00am with Meditation, Pada Puja and Bhajans. All are welcome to this special event.
People from literally every major religion, ethnicity, tradition and culture, come together as family  to M.A.Center... Come join us for satsangs every 2nd and 4th saturday - 5:30pm
Archana at ashram - Mon - Fri at 7:00pm Sat-Sun at 5:00pm
We encourage everyone to join us in person at 7:00 pm from Monday to  Fridays and at 5:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays at the MA Center Atlanta for Archana. Archana includes Amma's Ashtottaram (108 names of Amma), Lalita Sahasranaamam( 1000 Names of the Divine Mother) , Arati, and closing prayers.

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Atlanta, U.S.A.
Satsang is from 5:40-7:40p with optional chanting at 5p and meditation at..
Ocala, FL
These often have plastic components that are usually recyclable...
Florida, U.S.A
Although a relatively new Satsang, we are active and have lots of ideas...
Atlanta, U.S.A.
Source reduction includes purchasing long-lasting goods and seeking...


The ashram is open to the public for daily prayers in the evening. More>>

Initiatives for youth

AYUDH Atlanta is the local chapter of AYUDH International. More>>

Initiatives for Children

Amrita Bala Kendra provides a cultural education to the children to make them responsible citizens. More>>

Br. Ramanand's travel schedule

Br. Ramanand travels to various cities conducting satsangs. More>>


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