Green Initiatives

MA Center goes Solar

As part of the Green Initiatives, in 2013, MA Center converted to Solar energy. The Solar grid serves all electrical needs for the entire ashram. 

Vegetable Gardens

Following Amma's wish that everyone should plant a vegetable garden in family backyards to enable own self-sufficiency, residents and Karma Yogis at MA Center started a new veggie garden on the deck off the kitchen. 

Recycling project by The Craft Guild

The Craft Guild guild focuses on reusing and upcycling materials; creating treasure from trash. Inspired by Amma’s teachings about our responsibility toward the environment, we are creating new things from garbage, to mitigate the problem of too much waste in our landfills. With this focus in mind the guild provides opportunities and support for artisans and craftspeople to express their talents and develop new skills through participating in projects. Our projects include 

  • Work aprons from recycled packaging such as rice bags, used by painters and carpenters. 
  • Plastic Project, making water bottle holders and wallets from recycled plastic and sold during Amma's programs.

Contact: Kavyashree, if you would like to get involved.