Green Initiatives

Reforesting the overgrazed land


GreenFriends is Amma’s initiative to help reawaken the awareness of unity with all of creation and to cultivate an attitude of love and reverence toward Mother Nature. Currently, at San Ramon’s M.A. Center, the focus is on bees, trees, and organic gardening. There is also an extensive recycling and reuse program to reduce the waste generated on site.  Members of GreenFriends do energy audits of the facilities and are actively exploring renewable energy options. In addition, Effective Micro-organisms--EM is made for cleaning and composting.


Because bees play such a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem and their populations are currently facing a dramatic decline, volunteers at the San Ramon center have started learning about bees and their care. Currently, we have two hives and in the coming year are planning to split the hives in order to increase production and move them closer to the orchards.

The raw honey from the bees is harvested and sold. Using wax from the hives and comfrey from the orchards we produce herbal balms. As we continue to learn more about bees and their care, we are developing educational materials and in the future plan to offer workshops.

The Community Garden

An organic garden has been created where members of the community can come together and enjoy connecting with the earth. Together we are learning about ways to garden that support the environment. The center’s community garden produces vegetables and flowers that are sold during the Saturday evening programs.

Threads: New & Recycled Quality Clothing Shop

Threads is located near Amrita Hall and features men & women's Western and Indian clothing. Handmade and one-of-a-kind articles are also found there.

The Craft Guild

Meeting regularly at the San Ramon M.A. Center the guild focuses on reusing and upcycling materials; creating treasure from trash. Inspired by Amma’s teachings about our responsibility toward the environment, we are creating new things from garbage. With this focus in mind the guild provides opportunities and support for artisans and craftspeople to express their talents and develop new skills through participating in projects. Contact: Kavyashree

The Plastic Project
Recognizing that plastic makes up a huge part of the waste we generate, and does not decompose for centuries, the group collects soft plastics, washes them, and turns them into plastic yarn, called plarn. Participants then learn to knit, sew, weave, and crochet plarn into purses, wallets, shoulder bags and meditation mats.

The Knitting Project

Knitters, crocheters and seamstresses come together at the center to share knowledge and technique. Our “Hats for the Homeless” project brings knitters together to make cozy hats. These are distributed during the Christmas season to homeless people at Mother’s Kitchen in Berkeley and San Francisco.

 The Clay Project

In recent years we have started harvesting clay from the center’s land, processing it and turning it into oil lamps, mugs, pots, tiles and artifacts.