Mother's Kitchen

“Love the poor wholeheartedly. Go to their level. Believe that it is your dharma, your duty to love and serve the poor.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi  Devi (Amma)

In 1996, people inspired by Amma's teachings about serving the poor asked her if they should find a place with a real need and try to help.  When Amma said yes, Mother's Kitchens started. The first group started in Oakland.  Seattle Satsang heeded this call and in 1997 started cooking and serving the poor in Downtown Seattle.

After many years of cooking and serving at the Seattle Compass Center and a short time at the Oz House, Mother's Kitchen has a new location. We are moving to the Millionaire's Club.

Many thanks to the Compass Center for being the location where  Seattle Satsang started our efforts as instruments for Amma's desire that "Everyone should be able to eat to his fill, at least for one day."

Beginning April, Mother’s Kitchen is officially moving to a new location at the fantastic Millionaire’s Club. The address is: 2515 Western Ave., Seattle 98121
On Western Ave. between Wall St. and Vine St.

There is also a new start time of 8 am (no longer 9 am). Food preparation is now 8 am-10 am, and food is served between 10 am-11 am. Food will be prepared and served at the Millionaire’s Club kitchen. Everything is indoors and warm. We are NO LONGER at the Oz House nor the outdoor serving site under I-5.  Mother’s Kitchen now finishes at 11 am.

Park on the street. There is also a pay parking lot directly behind the Millionaire’s Club, on Elliott Ave. 

Enter the front entrance on Western Ave. The front door is always locked, but you can see in through a large window. Jayanti will be inside the front door waiting to let you in. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and if you will be available to cook or serve. Bring your apron!! and get ready for a great time! ~  Dharmaja and Jayanti Mother's Kitchen Co-coordinator

Let Dharmaja know if you are able to volunteer

Leave a message or text us at 828-738-2662

Mother's Kitchen is part of M.A. Math Embracing the World's initiative to feed those in need. There are more than 50 locations in the U.S., Canada and Costa Rica. Most help existing facilities, by purchasing food and supplies from donations made to Mother's Kitchen, and by supplying volunteers to prepare, cook and serve the meals. Mother's Kitchen serves over 150,000 meals each year.