Pacific Northwest Litter Pick Up Project

Some members of the Litter Pickup Project
Some members of the Litter Pickup Project
Inspired by Amma’s campaign to clean up India, in July 2011 Pacific Northwest devotees started planning an ongoing GreenFriends litter pick up project. Amma approved the project during her Toronto programs later that month. By the end of July 2011 we had 10 members. At this point there are 400 participants! These members include devotees, as well as their friends, families and neighbors. Fifteen of Amma’s Pacific Northwest Satsangs ( Washington, Oregon and British Columbia) are represented. We also have members from California, Indiana, Iowa, Toronto, New York, Europe and India! 
Litter Project members primarily work individually, but we also have bigger work parties. Our first work party was held on September 24, 2011 in Seattle. Eighteen devotees and their friends participated. Since then there have been work parties in Seattle, Eugene, Port Townsend and Vancouver, BC.  In 2011 and 2013, Seattle area devotees received four grants from the King County Tobacco Prevention Program to pick up cigarette butts in seven county parks. King County offered these grants in order to assess the extent of cigarette litter in the county parks.
Once a month members report the total number of minutes/hours they picked up litter during the month. By Aug 31, 2015, project members had picked up litter for 6789 hours! Many members have commented on how much joy they feel in serving the earth and the community in this way. In July 2011, Achala wrote: “30 hours of litter; 30 hours of bliss.”  In addition, many passers-by express their appreciation for our work.  Sometimes they even start picking up litter too!
Email Karuna or call 828-738-2662 for more information or to become a member.   Everyone from everywhere is welcome to join this project

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