Albuquerque, NM

Amma in Albuquerque

Welcome to the Albuquerque Satsang

Regular spiritual gatherings are held the first, third, and last Saturday of each month, which includes chanting, devotional singing, spiritual talks, meditation, prayer and a pot-luck vegetarian supper. We are the Albuquerque branch of the Amma Center of New Mexico in Santa Fe. We often participate in selfless service activities at the Amma Center.

  • Children are always welcome to attend and participate.
  • IAM (Integrated Amrita Meditation) Meditation classes are offered regularly in the Albuquerque area. Click here for the current schedule of classes.
  • Devotional music practice is held regularly.
  • Albuquerque members participate in preparing and organizing Amma's Tour visit in the summer. Everyone, including new people, are welcome to participate in this selfless service.
  • The group provides a lending library which features Amma's teachings as well as devotional music and other spiritual books. 

If you would like to receive updates from the Albuquerque Satsang through our Yahoo group please email Akhilesh

For any other requests or information needs please contact the Satsang coordinator: Maya Tripura Fernandez 505-203-8631