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Jan 12: AYUDH TO at St. Felix Centre

AYUDH group photo in St Felix Centre kitchen

AYUDH TO returns to serve the homeless

AYUDH dish washing at St Felix CentreOn Sunday, January 12, four members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH and three mentors returned to St. Felix Centre for the fourth time, to serve lunch to people struggling with homelessness, drug addiction and mental health problems. This time, AYUDH members had the pleasure of working with St. Felix staff and volunteers who were their age. Remarkably, one AYUDH member had actually attended high school with the St. Felix staff member, Abrar, who was co-leading the cooking that day. The youth enjoyed discussing what had attracted each of them to serve at St. Felix Centre. AYUDH commented that it was good to see a young person taking the lead in an intense service role. Abrar, in turn, admired the AYUDH's willingness to give of their time selflessly on their day off from school or work. 

The AYUDH and mentors helped prepare a real feast of comfort foods for the guests of St. Felix Centre, including macaroni and cheese. One grateful guest commented after the meal: "The food was amazing! I was expected just a bowl of soup, and instead I feel like I've been to The Keg!" It was gratifying to hear. After the meal service, AYUDH spent another hour and half washing the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen, together with the young St. Felix Centre staff and volunteers. As they came from different faith backgrounds, the conversation also became an interfaith sharing of stories and beliefs from Sanatana Dharma. Once the work was done, the AYUDH team and the St. Felix team said their goodbyes, and took some photos together, to remember their time together. AYUDH Toronto is grateful for their continuing relationship with St. Felix Centre that gives them the opportunity to serve people in extreme need. Being able to work with other friendly, likeminded was definitely an extra blessing. For the AYUDH mentors, it is very rewarding to see our youth embodying the principles of AYUDH more and more with each initiative: social service, green initiatives, personal empowerment, and cultural exchange. May we continue to learn and grow through service.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy

Two AYUDH members and mentor chopping together