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Southwest Florida Satsang Takes Inspiring Actions in Serving their Community

Amma’s SW FL Satsang -- One of the Newest in US
Amma’s Southwest Florida Satsang is official, and we have also just
celebrated our first year in existence! The Satsang opened its doors to all in
January of 2017. Although a relatively new, and small Satsang, we are
active and have lots of ideas about how to serve the needs of the devotees
and our community.

Booth at Local India Fest 2018

Our Satsang had a booth at the India Association of Naples “Naples
India Fest 2018” on April 21 st. We had literature about Amma’s
charitable organization “Embracing the World”, Her upcoming summer US
and Canadian Tour, the upcoming IAM 20 course being given locally, and the local Satsang available for the attendees of the festival. Devotees were there to provide information, a donation box, a mini-puja dedicated to Amma, as well as items to sell in support of ETW,
and to inform people about our local Satsang and its activities.

Mother’s Kitchen to Feed local SW Floridians in Need

We also are very happy to announce that we are starting our very own
Mother’s Kitchen under the auspices of Bootstrap Ministries, a 5013c
charity that provides food and other necessities, once a week to the
homeless on Pine Island Rd., in Fort Myers, FL., every Monday of the

Mother’s Kitchen will operate on the fourth Monday of the month, and
currently, approximately 40-60 people show up to be fed a hot meal, and given
“to go meals”, basic supplies and medical assistance, and other donations
as available. We have several very committed Satsang members who are
on Bootstrap’s Board and are organizers and volunteers who have had an
ongoing relationship with them, and were instrumental in making Mother’s
Kitchen a reality!

We are also currently connecting with local organic farmers who are
supplying us with their surplus fruit and vegetables, which we pick-up and
deliver to Bootstrap for use in their weekly meals and we are very grateful
for their contributions, as well as Harry Chapin Charities and others who
make invaluable contributions, without which, we couldn’t make these
meals happen.

Café for Life – Bonita Springs, FL

In addition, we are utilizing some of the surplus organic farm fruit and
vegetables and donating it to Café for Life, a 5013c charitable organization
that is feeding the poor, homeless, and elderly people of Bonita Springs.
We are considering volunteering to cook for them as well – they provide
breakfast to about 80 people, five days a week (Monday-Friday) to the local
community of Bonita Springs.

Volunteers cook at home and bring food there, serve, clean up, or work in
an administrative capacity at their office, etc. They also accept donations of
clothing, cleaning supplies, household goods, furniture.
These are just two seva (service) opportunities that our Satsang is
participating in that is wonderfully fulfilling.

Inspired by  Amma, whose very life is service to the entire world…one of the many ways that we
can put Amma’s words into practice.