M.A.Center, Atlanta

Seva by ABK & Ayudh to honor Amma's 66th Birthday


On Sat Sept 28th 2019,  more than 25 ABK and Ayudh children partnered with Alpharetta's River's Alive Organization for yet another year of their annual clean up of the Rock Mill Park as a way to Honor Amma's 66th Birthday. Children and parents assembled in the park at 8:30am and formed into few groups to help with the clean up activites. One group helped in working on three raised beds by taking the soil from the old raised bed planters, amending it and putting it into the new planters. Another group of children worked on the bioretention area and worked for several hours cleaning up tall invasive weeds. The two groups worked selflessly for more than three hours transforming the park and giving it a new life. 

Before pic:

After Pic: