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Earth Day Tip - How to Properly Recycle Milk Cartons


Here’s an Earth Day tip for all of us. We know that it is getting more difficult to recycle; the recycling companies have more stringent guidelines.  Unwashed, dirty items can’t be recycled and this cuts into their bottom line.

Because we no longer buy our dairy products in plastic (!) and often cannot find them in glass (which is also getting more difficult to recycle); we can buy them in paper cartons. These often have plastic components that are usually recyclable. All of it must be clean and free of residual fats.

The above photo shows how I have gotten the best results with the cartons of cream I use in my morning coffee. Yes, it’s heavy whipping cream! Yes, it is delicious! But thick with fat.

Please share this as part of our ongoing project to Reduce The Source and eliminate/reduce the consumption of plastic. 



Florida Coordinator for Source Reduction