M.A.Center, Atlanta

4 Important Changes to Note for Amma's Program this Year

Amma’s programs all around the world are now including some new measures:

1. We are introducing a Bag Drop Counter at the entrance to the Hall where everyone will be asked to leave any backpack-or-larger bags before they enter the hall. You will be able to have access to your bag at anytime throughout the program. We strongly advise you to leave any large bags in your car or room. (Special provisions will be in place for those who must bring necessary items for children or loved ones with them into the hall.)
2. Also, please note that you will be asked to leave your phone and any small bags you have brought into the hall at a counter before entering the darshan line. You can reclaim these items after your darshan.
3. Because you will not have your phone with you at darshan time, for those who want to bring a photo of a friend or relative to be blessed, please make sure you bring a regular paper photograph with you.
4. Finally, another new measure that has been adopted at Amma’s programs worldwide is we no longer bring any food items or garlands up to Amma as an offering other than those available at the Flower Table. Please do not bring these items with you to the program.
Thanking everyone kindly for your understanding. We sincerely look forward to seeing everyone!