*NEW Safety measures at Amma's programs

This year, in an effort to keep up with the global increase in security around public figures, including Amma, there are some new safety measures being implemented for the entire tour. These security measures are already in effect for Amma’s recent and current tours in India, Indonesia, Australia and Japan, and will be introduced for the North American tour as well.

Just like at many other large public events, backpacks and large bags will not be allowed into the program halls in any city. There will be a secure bag check area outside the hall. In San Ramon, this bag check area will be near the temple gate, at the bottom of the temple driveway. All program attendees will be asked to stop and check their large bags before proceeding up the hill to enter the hall or the token lines. If you plan to come for the entire day, it’s best to leave your non-essential personal belongings in your car, and check those items you may need access to throughout the day. There will, of course, be exceptions for people who have medically necessary items they need to keep with them.

Small bags containing a few personal belongings (wallet, keys cell phone, etc.) will be allowed into the hall. However, even these items will need to be checked before entering the darshan line. There will be an additional, “Small Bag & Cell Phone Check” area inside the hall where you can check those items before entering the darshan line, and then collect them when your darshan is finished.

Since many of us have gotten into the habit of bringing electronic photos of loved ones for Amma to bless, please instead remember to bring a printed photo of your loved ones, since you won’t have your phone when going for darshan.

In addition, devotees will no longer be able to bring food or flower offerings for Amma from outside, either made at home or purchased outside. This includes homemade food or flower offerings for Amma. You can still be able to purchase offerings at the flower table to give to Amma, but nothing from outside will be allowed.

Thanking all for keeping an open heart and mind and helping us with implement the changes that are being made in the sincere effort to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being while attending Amma’s programs.