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Bags of Hope distributed for Amma's 68th birthday

Bags of Hope for the Homeless for Amma's 68th birthday

This year the GreenFriend’s team wanted to do something for the community on Amma’s Birthday, spreading Her message of Motherhood and helping those less fortunate.
When this peace initiative of giving 68 Bags of Hope inspired by Claudia, who helps the homeless on a weekly basis came into fruition, it felt like this is Amma’s way.
We immediately put it into action and got an overwhelming response from Amma’s children. Our 68 Bags turned into 108 and then 126 Bags of Hope that we personally handed to each unhoused person in three different camps in the Santa Clara Region, one of them being the biggest encampment in America.
Along with the bags which included a loaf of sliced bread, a 16 oz jar of peanut butter from Walmart, 2 jams, dried apples, dried persimmon, and a pound of apples from our orchards, Claudia, so inspired stayed up all night the night before to make 126 burritos to give along with the bag. She said that they would love to eat something warm.

Personally, handing over the bag and burrito was an eye-opening experience for me on what exactly ‘homeless’ means. Pastor Scott, who has worked with the homeless for years and personally knows many of them, was the one leading us.

Seeing the overwhelming support from devotees to support the “unhoused” by sponsoring a Bag of Hope for $20 raising $2,520 of food with the support of GreenFriends was Hope and Faith in Amma’s Vision.

Amma says, “The world needs to know that a life of selfless service is possible.”
May we be inspired by Her Vision founded on True Love.
May we be allowed to participate in Her Vision.
May we become even a hint of that overwhelming generosity of Love that She is.
Just like Nature, may we also learn how to give more and take less.

Muneebah De Bruyns