M.A. Center New England

Amma's 2019 North American Summer Tour schedule

Amma will be holding programs in the following metropolitan areas. Details on venue locations will be posted on amma.org as they become available. As hotels and other venues vary from year to year, and venues are not confirmed at this time, all are kindly requested to refrain from contacting hotels which have hosted Amma's programs in previous years.

Seattle, WA : June 6-7
San Ramon, CA : June 9-14
Los Angeles, CA : June 16-18
Santa Fe, NM : June 20-23
Dallas, TX : June 25-26
Atlanta, GA : June 28-29
Washington, DC : July 1-2
New York, NY : July 4-6
Boston, MA : July 8-9
Chicago, IL : July 11-13
Toronto, ON (Canada) : July 15-18