Victoria Satsang

Learning the Baduga dance at an Amma Victoria gathering.
Pacific Northwest
PNW Satsang Winter Retreat 2018 on the Oregon Coast!
Seattle Vancouver Victoria
Seva Opportunity - Picking up bread on Saturdays.
Pacific Northwest Center
The MA Center Pacific Northwest has a new home!

Vancouver Island Satsangs


Contact Manasvini at (250) 858-5090 or Amulya at (250) 818-8962. Receive our newsletter by email by writing: 


Contact Millen Myrmo at

Salt Spring Island

Contact the Saltspring Island Satsang Coordinator, Usha  or call (250) 538-0229
- See more at our web page.

Cortez Island area

Contact Mark and Madhurima at (250) 935-6308
- See more at our web page.

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