Nevada City, CA Nevada City Satsang
Love and Serve

Welcome to the Nevada City Satsang

We host one of the Nevada City satsangs in our home located just a few blocks from downtown Nevada City, a small historic mining town about 50 miles Northeast of Sacramento.  We are located adjacent to Grass Valley and are presently the satsang for that area as well.  The satsang is scheduled monthly on the second Sunday of each month.  The 1000 names are chanted at 2pm for those that wish to attend.  108 Names, Chants and Bhajans begin at 3pm and typically end at 5pm.  This is followed by a potluck, which has generally been well attended with delicious vegetarian food of all descriptions.  The satsang is typically attended by 15 to 25 people.  We maintain an active email list which we use solely for the purpose of satsang notices. 

We sing live bhajans and hold a practice weekly, usually early Friday evenings.   These are followed by potlucks when time and energy permit.  We are always looking for singers and musicians who recognize the commitment required, not only to attending practice, but to carrying that practice home to work on singing, music and pronunciation.

There is a sister satsang in the more rural Nevada City area which is located 15 miles Northeast of our satsang that meets weekly on Monday evenings, and frequently holds the satsangs in nature at the Yuba River, (during summer months) weather permitting.  We have a close relationship with the Sacramento Satsang, and they have blessed our Satsang by sharing vibhutti packing seva for  Amma’s spring and fall US Tour.   We are located at 108 Gold Nugget Court.  You may contact us at 530-265-6205 by phone, or our satsang email address.