AYUDH Camp Recap

AYUDH is a movement of young people who want to lead a life based on universal values. Starting with ourselves, we want to help in generating a future of hope, peace and social engagement while maintaining an awareness of spiritual principles.

A branch of Embracing The World® (ETW), AYUDH, gathered on Februrary 22nd and 23rd to perform seva-selfless action, spend precious time with Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya, and to reconnect as a group.
As part of our Youth Camp, we did seva projects for Amma's charitable organization,ETW, and prepared for Amma's 2013 Summer Tour.  Additionally, we discussed Amma's Awaken Children VIII as part of a new initiative group, "Amma's Book Worms,” that meets twice a month on Saturdays to discuss spiritual literature.
Some of the highlights of the Youth Camp included a beautiful puja and profound discussions led by Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya. We were able to talk among ourselves in a comfortable setting about the importance of spiritual practices, the various distractions and challenges that arise in our daily lives, and our own spiritual routines. Br. Dayamrita also shared helpful tips on how to "stay the course" on the spiritual path; one main suggestion was developing the discipline of practicing at the same time every day no matter what obstacle may arise.
The weekend was a rare opportunity to come together as a group, share our thoughts and perspectives, and spend time with Amma's youth community.  Moreover, as we all lead busy lives, the retreat provided a wonderful chance to recharge and rejuvenate.
 If you would like to get involved with AYUDH or any of our activities, please contact us