Eastbay (Fremont, UnionCity, Newark) CA

Amma.org: Fremont, CA

Welcome to the Eastbay Satsang

The Eastbay group meets one or twice a month. We are about a 30 minute drive from Amma's Ashram in San Ramon.

Our group usually meets on the first Friday of the month in evenings after work. We gather at the home of one of the devotees, who lovingly host the satsang for the evening.

Though small, we have wonderful evenings together remembering Amma, by reading from Her books, singing bhajans, and finishing with the traditional "Arati". Prasad is served at the end of the evening.

Everyone is welcome and it does not require a financial contribution.

For additional information please contact:

We also have a mailing list that keeps us connected with the ongoing local activities as well as the activities and events at M.A. Center.

Please send an email to AmmasEastBay-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe to the mailing list.