The truly courageous person is one who can go forward without faltering the least in the midst of adversity as he engages in a variety of tasks.
External purity leads to internal purity.
When our mental outlook improves, the state of the environment will also improve.
By letting the mind expand in the sound of divine chanting (such as devotional music), each one can enjoy the peace born of one's inherent divinity.
The vision of God is possible with the power that is gained through concentration of the mind.  At that time we will come to know that God is everywhere, everything is God.
What we need is peace of mind. We can gain that only through the control of our mind.
We have a treasure within us which we will never lose, and which no one can steal.  But we will not get it by searching outside.  We have to look inside.
Selfless service strengthens the mind so that you can overcome any situation in life.