We should be willing to take action, without waiting to see whether or not anyone will be there to help us.
Change is possible only through action.
The impermanent, which is the body, is given too much importance. The permanent, which is the Atman, is completely forgotten. This should change.
Only those who are humble can receive God's grace.  In someone who perceives God's presence in everything, there is no room for the ego.  So the first quality we need to develop within ourselves is humility.
Change has to begin with the individual.  When an individual changes for the better, the whole family benefits, and then society prospers.
Constant remembrance of God, irrespective of time and place, is real devotion.
Even if we have everything, if there is no mental peace, we cannot lead a happy life.
Praying and singing with a melting heart takes us to the state of Supreme Truth.  Crying for God is not a weakness.