Sending Seeds to Kenya

Amma.org: Amrita Children's Home

This summer, after Amma left California, Noel Garfield, 9 years old, watched the Embracing Kenya video and was immediately inspired to connect with the kids at the new Amrita Children's Home.

She began making decorative, hand-made cards on Saturdays at the M.A. Center, San Ramon to send in a care package. After contacting the children's home, we found out from Sheena Shah, a volunteer, that the children were beginning a permaculture project this summer. As soon as Noel heard this, she wanted to add planting seeds to the care package. She sent a variety of vegetable and flower seeds, as well as some pictures of San Ramon.

The package arrive in Kenya in early July. Within a few weeks, Sheena sent us photos of the children planting the seeds Noel sent. When Noel saw the photos, she was even more motivated to help the kids with their blossoming garden. We emailed Sheena again to find out what types of seeds would be most needed in the next stage of their garden development and she sent us a list of the plants that were most successful.

This time, Noel asked her friend, Anika Ghoshal, 10 years old, to help her with the next care package. Both girls worked on completing the "wish list," complete with new hand-made cards and gardening gloves too. Working together to support a new garden on the other side of the world seemed like a perfect way to practice what Amma teaches, "serving others selflessly," while learning more about themselves and Mother Nature in the process.

The girls are already beginning to plan their next care-package to Kenya that will be sent in October. Who knows, maybe more folks will get involved to support the Amrita Children's Home garden.

May Amma's Grace continue to flow through the hearts of our children...all over the world.

Submitted by Anadi